Blogs are Back !

I used to love ‘blogging’ and writing newsletters. I would blog about my life in Spain, my art, my life in general, however gradually I wrote less and less as other things took over my life and blogging seemed less important.

Blogging and newsletters were a great way to combine my love of art, writing and Spain, and so today I made a decision – ‘blogs are back!’

So expect a more regular blog or newsletter from me – a bit like the old days.

Here is a still life of some gerberas I painted a few days ago – the title of this painting is

‘The sound of falling petals’

Let me know if you can hear them …..

I just love the way the vibrant fluorescent pink lifts the painting – such an exciting finishing touch. More still life flowers can be seen on my website and are available for sale

Have a great day !

Steffi xx

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces and anything that inspires me including poetry, nature, oceans and the female face and form

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