When the planet stopped to breathe

This series is based on how I was feeling using colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale to explore that moment when the planet stopped to breathe

Abundant Gardens Commissioned Series

At the beginning of the year I was so lucky to have been given a joyous commission to paint a series of 3 canvases

And this is what the shaman said …

She pressed her soles into the soil She raised her arms above her head With two eyes closed, the other opened and this is what the Shaman said ‘Brothers, sisters, take my hand, feel the pulse beneath the land Sisters rise to your tired feet  Brothers shoulders sunken in defeat from tireless work, worry andContinue reading “And this is what the shaman said …”

I AM … My New Series of Warrior Women Paintings

My new series of paintings is about powerful women with a story, a history and a journey and three bright red warrior marks, evidence of their battle scars. ‘I AM – Two of the most powerful words because what you put after them shapes your reality.’  Quote by Bevan Lee. These two very small, powerfulContinue reading “I AM … My New Series of Warrior Women Paintings”