After spending a few lovely sunny winter days on the beaches of Marbella and working on some commissioned paintings for a beach house in Ireland, I have become completely absorbed with rolling seas, descriptive skies, a clouds that have their own stories to tell.

More seascapes can be seen at

January in the Studio

I love the new year.  January is a time for a good clear out in the studio ready for another year of commissions, exhibitions, workshops and art holidays.  Its amazing how the clutter  grows without me even noticing throughout the year.  So a tidy studio is a ready to go studio ….

So far I have 6 commissions to be getting along with, including 4 large canvases for a beach house in Ireland, 2 exhibitions coming up in March and April, 2 art holidays planned which need to be co-ordinated and the usual stream of workshops for the visitors to the cortijo and my studio.  Hope to see you here in Spain soon.