How to be an artist ? or What does an artist do all day ?

I have spent some time this week with some lovely art students and the question they needed an answer to was ‘How can I become an artist’ and ‘what do artists do all day!’

Well the following is the best way I can answer this question.  I have this list pinned up in my studio and refer to it whenever I forget myself!

How to be an Artist

      Stay loose               
     Learn to watch snails
     Plant impossible gardens
     Invite someone dangerous to tea
     Make little signs that say ‘yes’ and post them all over your house
     Make lists, lists and more lists
     Make friends with freedom and uncertainty
     Don’t be scared to be you
     Look forward to your dreams
     Cry during movies
     Swing as high as you can on a swing
     Cultivate moods
     Do everything ‘for love’ and ‘with love’
     Take lots of naps – for thinking and dreaming
     Give money away. Do it NOW. The money will follow
     Believe in magic and imagine you are magic
     Laugh a lot and giggle with children
     Celebrate every gorgeous moment
     Take moonbaths
     Read and draw (or doodle) every day
     Listen to old people
     Open up. Dive in. Be free.
     Bless yourself as you are blessed
     Drive away fear
     Entertain your inner child
     Get wet
     Hug trees
     Write love letters
     Talk to yourself
     SING everyday (especially by yourself)
     Believe the impossible is possible
     Care about everything you do
     Take long walks in the rain