What does ‘mixed media’ actually mean ?

A recent studio visit from a client looking to purchase a new painting for her home led to the question ‘What actually is mixed media?’ As most of my paintings are created using ‘mixed media’ I thought I should explain my process and the media I use.

Blogs are Back !

I used to love ‘blogging’ and writing newsletters. I would blog about my life in Spain, my art, my life in general, however gradually I wrote less and less as other things took over my life and blogging seemed less important. Blogging and newsletters were a great way to combine my love of art, writingContinue reading “Blogs are Back !”

When the planet stopped to breathe

This series is based on how I was feeling using colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale to explore that moment when the planet stopped to breathe

Abundant Gardens Commissioned Series

At the beginning of the year I was so lucky to have been given a joyous commission to paint a series of 3 canvases