The Art Studio

The two large garages at the far left of Las Salinas looked very menacing with their large regulation ‘Spanish green’ metal doors. As we turned the rusty key in the very small padlock a feeling of trepidation welled up inside as I wondered what might sit behind them. The doors were on rusty runners andContinue reading “The Art Studio”

Debris down by San Juan River

Its always nice to walk down to the river and sketch what I see, things are always changing and after a big storm the debris had collected into a pile at the bend in the river taking on a form of its own. Back at the studio I painted a rather large canvas using theContinue reading “Debris down by San Juan River”

An Early Legend

The year 1875, and so it began … Night had fallen on the farm, Cortijo Las Salinas, and a stormy grey sky was overhead. Candles were burning by the large stone fireplace and in a large clay pot cooked the hare that José Maria had hunted for dinner that afternoon.  Natividad poked the fire andContinue reading “An Early Legend”