Simply Red Light – Amsterdam

A city break is always so inspiring. A recent trip to Amsterdam with great friends was just what I needed to get my art groove going. Amsterdam is so vibrant with art on every corner, from Graffiti to Van Gogh – it has it all.

The red light district has been in existence since the 14th century. Close to the harbour it was the perfect place for women of the night to find work as many sailors docked to take drinks in the taverns. The tolerant attitude of the Dutch accept the honesty of sex work and drugs and this area is famous worldwide for legalising both practices.

There is a beauty about the old cobbled streets as they lead you from one zone to the next and as day turns to night the red lights from the booths of the workers light up the canals. Looking at the girls and the transvestites in their booths, I noticed a sadness in their eyes as they tap their windows enticing the next person in.

In this painting I tried to capture the emotion held in the people who work the streets. Emotionless caricatures who are searching for something but they don’t know what.

This painting is available for sale.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 78 cms, unframed.



But What Do You Paint ?

When I meet someone new and they ask me ‘What ‘I do?’, I always reply ‘I’m a painter’. The response is always the same…’But what do you paint?’

This is so hard to define or explain because I love to paint everything and my abstracts or my work with a more visual narrative can be really hard to put into words.

Some artists are defined by a specific colour palette – I love all colours, every colour is like a word to me as colour can evoke a feeling, emotion or experience. Some artists are defined by their subject matter, but I love all subjects be a landscape, seascape, floral, face, figurative.

Every time I stand in front of that new blank canvas it is like a journey of curiosity and exploration lies ahead of me. The random beginning is exciting as the background layers are applied, the middle part is always a big challenge as I have to make many artistic decisions to make the painting work as a whole and until I manage to resolve the piece, then the end becomes a little sad as the final but very satisfying brushstroke is added, followed by a little wave of cheer. However by then I am already thinking about the next painting that has formulated in my mind as my last painting always prepares me in some way for the next.

Fiesta Forever!

Recently an interested art lover who paid a visit to my studio was slightly overwhelmed with the choice presented, and so we discussed a commissioned painting to work with the space, colour palette and subject matter, the only condition that I paint in my own unique layered semi disrupted style – so here I go !

Ready to paint !

My website steffisartwork.com has a selection of work currently available along with my Studio Sale Shop where I regularly add new works. Even you are not looking for a painting right now, maybe a 10 minute break with a cuppa having a look at some art might be a great antidote for such unsettling times.

Stay safe and I always love to hear your comments.

‘Colours are like words to me’



The Artist – Alice Neel

Having been deprived of ‘live’ art and culture over the past couple of years, a recent visit to the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum was a very emotional experience. To be surrounded by, and to have a whole day to spend with, all the wonderful paintings was joyful but to see a an outstanding collection of works by Alice Neel was off the scale of exciting. I have loved her work for a long time and the exhibition curated by the Guggenheim did not disappoint.

Titled ‘ People Come First’, this collection of Neel’s paintings demonstrated her distinctive style and passion when painting people in real life situations, particularly the people of New York with whom she interacted daily.

A pioneer for female artists, she helped to break down stereo types and barriers for women showing how they can express themselves and to have pride in their naked bodies whatever their shape. But her passion was for humanity and had a voice for all genders, race, and sexual orientations.

After seeing this exhibition I began to consider my own work differently and painted ‘Elenka’ in the style of Neel using her technique of dark outlined under painting followed by thick brush strokes and a limited colour palette.

Elenka is a striking and intelligent woman whose identity was pondered upon for a long time however Susan Felleman, art historian, speculates that Elenka is actually the great experimental filmmaker Maya Deren. She is gorgeous who ever she is, don’t you agree?

The original ‘Elenka’ used on the cover of the book from the exhibition ‘People Come First’

If you want to know more about Alice Neel and her work, the website https://www.aliceneel.com can give you more juicy insights, along with YouTube videos.


Creating Space (In my studio)

One of my passions is to share a little creative joy with everyone and every year I host many creative art workshops, art retreats and online art lessons where colour and fun is at the core of these workshops. This time of year I offer my paintings from these workshops for sale at very affordable prices which helps me to find some space in my studio and allows me to invest in more materials ready to have some more painting fun.

Here are details of the work currently available with size, cost (not including shipping costs) and the workshop painted, so if you are interested in purchasing one let me know as they don’t hang around for long. They make great pressies too and I will ship to anywhere in the world.


40 x 50 cms mixed media on canvas, unframed

75,00 £/euros

FOUR GERBERAS – Still Life Workshop

40 x 50 cms mixed media on canvas, unframed

75,00 £/euros

YIN YANG – Five Elements Workshop

30 x 30 cms mixed media on canvas, unframed

50,00 £/euros

YIN YANG – Five Elements Workshop

30 x 30 cms mixed media on canvas, unframed

50,00 £/euros

KANDINSKY RED YELLOW BLUE – Creative Colours Workshop

65 x 45 cms acrylic on Fabriano paper, unframed

75,00 £/euros

FINS OR FLIPPERS? – Using our Senses Workshop

65 x 45 cms acylic on Fabriano paper, unframed

75,00 £/Euros

NEW MOON WISHES – Living Life in Colour Retreat

65 x 45 cms on mixed media on Fabriano paper, unframed

95,00 £/euros

ENCAUSTIC 1 – Encaustic Wax Workshop (others available on request)

20 x 20 cms encaustic wax with gold on wooden cradle

60,00 £/euros

PURPLE HEARTS – Painting Hearts Workshop (others available on request)

25 x 25 cms on acrylic on deep canvas

50,00 £/euros

SPANISH WILD FLOWERS – Still Life Workshop

40 x 40 cms deep mixed media on deep canvas

75,00 £/euros

GOLDEN LILY – Bottecelli Babes Workshop

30 x 40 cms mixed media on artist board

75,00 /euros

NOEL FIELDING – Paint NF Workshop

40 x 50 cms mixed media on canvas unframed

75,00 £/euros

CERRO GORDO – Painting Seascapes Workhsop

65 x 45 cms acrylic on Fabriano paper

75,00 £/Euros

You can email me at steffi@steffisartwork.com for more information and to reserve your painting.

Love Steffi xx


Pink Hair Don’t Care

October is breast cancer awareness month and I shall be donating one of my original paintings for auction at the El Gaucho Restaurant in Puerto Banus, Spain on 14 October.  My dear friend Ann Henhoeffer has Stage 4 breast cancer and the auction is to raise funds towards her Dendritic Cell Therapy which is an innovative cell therapy treatment which could make a huge difference to her future.  I have donated my powerful painting called ‘Pink Hair Don’t Care’ to raise some funds as my personal contribution.  

‘Pink Hair Don’t Care’ is 50 x 70 cms, painted in acrylic and oils, she has her own unique poem written by me (see below), is framed in a  contemporary black frame and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I shall be attending the auction evening and the starting bid will be 500 Euros.  However you can make a bid before the event or even on the night by phone by previous arrangement.

So if you want to include one of my girls in your collection please let me know soon and help a very worthy cause at the same time.

Pink Hair Don’t Care

The hair, the nails, the lips, the breasts
The car, the house, the bikini contests
The bubbles, the coke, the uninvited guests
The fun, the laughs, the sausage fests
The day, the night, the fear the smear tests
The moves, the shapes, the sweat and the rest
The life. This life, is simply the best


What does ‘mixed media’ actually mean ?

A recent studio visit from a client looking to purchase a new painting for her home led to the question ‘What actually is mixed media?’ As most of my paintings are created using ‘mixed media’ I thought I should explain my process and the media I use.

I always begin by covering my canvas or paper with a layer of white gesso. This gives a better adhesion to the substrate and then I cover with a layer of random acrylic paint splashes and marks to connect and loosen up. I ponder what I have done and then use either black charcoal or pastels to outline my ideas and discoveries and write words or poetry which seem relevant in that moment.

The next phase might be to add words from a novel or some other type of collage to create textures and a little more depth and texture pastes might also be added at this stage. Once dry I move on to finding the girl/s hidden within. I don’t use photographs, only my imagination and it is very exciting to see who comes through.

I use a fixative to spray the charcoal or pastel and then begin painting not always using the traditional paintbrush. This was painted with a kitchen tool and brush as this was all I had to hand and the time !

Finally I complete the work with oil paint and glazes over the top of the acrylic. This gives a luminosity to the painting which I love.

And finally, when the painting is dry it is varnished with 2 coats of varnish. The mixed media aspect of this painting included acrylic, charcoal, textures, oil paint and glazes but if a painting has more than one media it becomes mixed media and this can include absolutely anything. I have been known to use real petals and butterfly wings to create another dimension to my work.

Finished off with a lovely frame, this painting is titled ‘In Violet Heaven’ and is available for sale. Get in touch if you are interested or visit my website to see more of my mixed media beauties.

Thanks for reading and as always I love to hear your feedback.

Love Steffi xx


How do I title my paintings ?

I was recently told my painting titles are as creative as my paintings – so how do I title them?

Well, there are many different ways a title comes to me and there is no set formula.  Sometimes I know the title of the piece before I start or during the early stages of a painting maybe when I am listening to music and the words of the song might influence me.  Also, during the early layers of my work I write poetry, usually my own, directly on to the canvas which can lead me to a title.  I also use collage for some of the back layers from novels or articles and the words from these snippets may have an inspired title which fits perfectly to what I am painting about.  Other times the name doesn’t come to me until the end or close to finishing the piece and this can help me to understand what I have been painting and often why.  I feel the title of every painting I create is a very important and a part of the overall experience.  Untitled paintings always seem to have a part missing to them and I feel my work is worthy of a title.  Here are a few examples of paintings and how their titles came to be.

The Two Drifters
This abstract painting is titled ‘The Two Drifters’, the painting and title was inspired by a couple who have been sailing around the oceans in their yacht.  I follow their blog and they explain how the seas can be sometimes calm, sometimes rough, with many different challenges and exciting opportunities every day.  The two small orange shapes show how they are very small in a very large ocean just drifting and at the mercy of the elements.  

The Rejected Daisy

The title for this painting came to me sometime during the middle of the process.

I was working through a personal story about the complications of the mother/daughter relationship and this was painted intuitively from a deep subconscious part of my mind.  

Here, I want the viewer to explore the painting, find the daisy and then think deeper about the painting and what it might mean, but also to question whether it triggers a thought or feeling within them also. I have been told that this moving image has brought tears to the eyes of someone who saw it for real recently.

The Sound of Falling Petals

These gerbera flowers were painted from still life.  Joyous to paint, a beautiful colour and an uplifting flower, however I knew they wouldn’t last for many days as they had been bought from the florist that morning. I tried to capture their ephemeral beauty as three petals fell and I wondered about the sound of falling petals.

‘The Power of the Hug’

The image and composition for this sensitive piece was inspired by another artists painting. The title came to me at the end of the painting as I thought how powerful a hug can be and how we all need a hug from time to time.  
Because all my paintings are personal explorations or journeys, they all have a different message or emotion within to them that is both questioning and surprising.  

When I am asked to do a painting as a commission, quite often during the process the title is discovered during a conversation with the commissioner as the process can become a deep journey for us both.  

Thanks for reading and I love to hear your comments about my work or the titles.

Steffi x

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Blogs are Back !

I used to love ‘blogging’ and writing newsletters. I would blog about my life in Spain, my art, my life in general, however gradually I wrote less and less as other things took over my life and blogging seemed less important.

Blogging and newsletters were a great way to combine my love of art, writing and Spain, and so today I made a decision – ‘blogs are back!’

So expect a more regular blog or newsletter from me – a bit like the old days.

Here is a still life of some gerberas I painted a few days ago – the title of this painting is

‘The sound of falling petals’

Let me know if you can hear them …..

I just love the way the vibrant fluorescent pink lifts the painting – such an exciting finishing touch. More still life flowers can be seen on my website www.steffisartwork.com and are available for sale

Have a great day !

Steffi xx


Why I do ART !

When I studied art at University, many many years ago, I had to write an essay using the title ‘Why I do ART’. I found it a very difficult question to answer back then and in some ways over 35 years later, I feel the same way now. I regularly ask myself ‘why do I do art?’ and it’s a deeply personal answer.

I first discovered my love for art when I was a child and I realised I preferred to be alone creating in my bedroom, a solitary pursuit back then as now. Today, hours and days are spent in my studio painting alone with only my cat for company, fed occasionally or brought coffee or wine by my husband. Removed from any social activity, with music playing sometimes loudly and sometimes softly – usually the same tracks and playlists. The process is also usually similar – I stretch and prime my canvases with gesso in advance then when I feel the creative urge start to take over, my feet and hands tingle and my solar plexus does somersaults, I know it’s time to start the exciting process of art and begin to apply paint to the chosen canvas.

I am addicted to art. I absolutely love colour and texture, it is at the core of all my work whether an abstract, nude, female face, seascape or landscape.  I work in various mixed media including oils, acrylics, charcoal, inks and I incorporate many textures and glazes, sometimes I play with collage. There are usually about 7 layers to my paintings usually beginning with words and impulsive brush strokes. There are also many ‘under stories’ which are the parts of the painting that only I know about which could be my own poetry or something I have heard and noted in my sketchbook. I use bold colours and brave brushstrokes with paint spatterings and drips, sometimes I feel loose and free and sometimes I feel stuck and tight and need to work through a difficult area. Decision making is a large part of painting and sometimes I make good choices and other times not so good, but I trust in the process and the final outcome is always satisfying as I can only say the work is complete when it feels so.

My addiction to art also includes ‘chasing paintings’ where my husband and I go in search of galleries worldwide to see one specific painting exhibited. I read books and study other artists, I watch documentaries, films, and listen to podcasts – my every day life is filled with art in some form or another. I crave art and could not imagine my life without it.

In essence I do not believe there is one short answer as to ‘why I do art’. The answer is multi faceted and is difficult to articulate simply. I do art because I believe it is what I was born to do. I AM an artist. Every painting captures elements of my life and my thoughts, every painting is a wonderful journey of ups and downs and helps me to clear my head, escape from the internal dialogue, make sense of difficult situations, it is like a meditation in movement as the process of making art is like an outer body experience where time is lost and the flow state is extreme and nourishing.

But I also make art because to create is a great joy and art is a great connector of the human soul. Anyone who has connected with or purchased my work always comment on the vibration of the piece and how the energy changes in the room where it hangs. So many of my paintings now hang in beautiful houses and offices all over the world and I am proud to have created something that will eventually outlive me.

So put simply, I guess the answer for me is because my life without art would be intolerable, without colour, without excitement, without stimulation, without connection – so the question should be ‘how can I NOT do art?’ I mean, just imagine life if there was no art?…….


‘Nature doesn’t need words to express itself’

Spring Full Worm Moon

At last, Spring has finally arrived here in Spain along with the birds, butterflies, almond blossom and wild orchids!  

After a few months of hibernation, we can shake off our cocoons and listen to the orchestra of nature, observe new growth all around us and feel ready to grow ourselves.  The spectacularly bright March Full Worm Moon was the subject of my latest Moon Goddess painting and being the first full Moon to occur after the Spring Equinox on 20 March, it is called the ‘Paschal Full Moon’ and this determines the date of Easter.  

Each full Moon throughout the year has its own name and the March full Moon is known as the Worm Moon which refers to the earthworms appearing as the soil warms in Springtime wriggling to the surface to provide food for the birds who have also begun the very busy months of nest building and creating environments for their offspring.
I used all this information to inspire my Worm Moon Goddess, she is filled with the love of Mother Nature and is complete with her own poem written by me. She is part of my Warrior Women series and is titled ‘I AM … A Miracle.  She measures 75 x 95 cms and is painted on canvas using various media including natural butterfly wings found whilst out on my nature walks.  She is priced at £/Euros 750, unframed.  Hand finished limited edition impressions are also available for £/Euros 75. 

I AM … A Miracle

Worms wriggle, composting the soil and determined to rise
Blindly trying to find their prize
A symphony of sounds echo, transformation the tune
The orchestra of nature performs to the March Spring Full Moon
The conductor revered as cocoons are rejected
Wake up, be ready, it’s time to grow, be celebrated
Skins of the past are shed like a snake
Inevitable growth, no longer opaque
A miracle performed, nature is truth
Take that leap now, transform like a butterfly searching for eternal youth
Your scars can come too, they may be your best attire
You are a miracle, complete and ready to inspire

Steffi Goddard, 2021


‘Escape Into Abstraction’ My New Virtual Gallery Exhibition

Not being able to show my work for the past 18 months has been very disappointing, after all what’s the point of having a studio full of paintings if there is no way of exhibiting them or having people see them. The world now is more virtual than ever and trying to keep up with all things online is both exciting and exhausting.

However (drum roll please….) I am so excited to show you my first online art exhibition – a collection of 14 abstract paintings created during lockdown.

I would like you to experience this as if you were visiting an art gallery but from your sofa with a glass of wine or Cava. To begin – click the link below and hover over the arrow which says ‘start the guided tour’ and the tour will begin – then sit back and meander through the exhibition. As you automatically stop at each painting a voice over (me !) will explain the painting to you and then it will move on to the next painting. This is a slow experience, not to be rushed so maybe two glasses of wine will be needed! If you want more information about a painting, double click on the actual painting for dimensions and price which include delivery and message me if interested on steffi@steffisartwork.com

I hope you enjoy having a look around my first online exhibition and please let me have any feedback. I plan to create more, so any suggestions would be very useful.

Thank you for taking the time to visit ‘Escape Into Abstraction 2021’


Created by http://www.heatwavewebdesign.com


Angel Cloud

Poetry and Painting by Steffi Goddard

As I gazed upon the sky at night

An Angel came into the light

May your heart be open, be ready, be free

When you see a cloud you will seem me

I am your friend, your truth, your hope

Never have fear as I will help you cope

When you hear the breeze you will hear me whisper

Now as one, I am your sister



January Small Art Sale !

2020 left me with quite a few small paintings which never managed to find their forever homes and I have created a slideshow with the work I have available.

Each painting is an original one off piece of small art painted by me and I have indicated a reduced price next to each painting plus the postage costs to wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in any of my work send me an email to steffi@steffisartwork.com or fill in the contact form below and we can discuss the piece in more detail or I can forward more photos of the painting to you. Your painting will be signed, securely packaged with tracked postage to you along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This is a great opportunity to buy an original piece of small art, great as a gift or just for YOU !



A painting on canvas recently came into my possession by the artist Michael Bray Falslev of two men hugging and the tenderness touched me so much I felt inspired to do my own version. I can’t take any credit for the composition but after drawing the image onto paper I made it my own by making it the characters feminine and adding more colour.

The Hug

It is such a sensitive image with so much narrative, the compassion and care which can be seen between the two individuals is very powerful and I think it is how we are all feeling during these uncertain times – after all everyone needs a hug especially now as we go into 2021 still unsure what lies ahead.

My website www.steffisartwork.com is where you will find my portfolio of current work available.


Abstract Art

I admit it!! I am a total art addict!! Not only do I love the experience of painting I also love studying the work of other artists and spend most of my day either immersed in the practice itself or looking at the work of others.  The genre of abstract art has always facsinated me and has become one of my greatest loves but also one of my biggest challenges to paint with a satisfactory outcome. But when that final paint stroke or mark is made it can be the most delicious feeling as I stand back and look at the balance and harmony I have created between colour, form and emotion.

I discovered the painting ‘The Talisman’ by Paul Serusier back in 2002. It was painted in 1888 under the guidance of Paul Gauguin and totally captured me. We don’t think of abstract art as being so old, but this painting became an iconic painting for a group of young painters who called themselves The Nabis and it inspired me in the same way as it did them. I couldn’t wait to copy it.

Gauguin instructed Serusier to paint what he saw straight from the tube whether it be a colour or a shape. It was painted on wood, a small cigar box in fact, with oil paints and is the only painting Serusier is really credited for as he was better known for his writing. However this painting spring-boarded the Nabis into action. I painted mine in the same way although on a much larger canvas, looking at my garden as I did so. It was a great lesson in abstraction and from then my love affair with the genre began.

As I continued to study the abstract artists, painters like Rothko and Pollock mesmerized me, Kandinsky and Miro excited me,  Mondrian baffled me and de Kooning made me shudder.  So many emotions would be stirred in me with each particular style. O’Keefe has brought me to tears with her beauty and sensitivity.   Hodgkin being one of my absolute all time favourites with the deep simplicity of his brush strokes makes me cheer. Oh! there are so many – too many to mention, in fact.

I then began a quest to ‘chase art’ making it a continual pursuit to find out where these famous paintings where hung, go and see them no matter where they are in the world and to sit with them, allowing myself to dissolve into them to see how they made me feel. It was a great basis for my understanding of what makes a great abstract painting.

Abstract art is hugely based on feelings and emotions, not only that of the artist but also of the viewer and is very personal experience for both.  So when I paint in an abstract way you get all of me in a painting, literally blood, sweat and tears combined with joy and love.  As the layers start to develop, the back stories, text and poetry are covered by more colour and texture until I finally add that last brush stroke and I know my work is done.  

When I accept a commission for an abstract painting there is also an element of the commissioner within the piece as we work together with preferred colour palettes and personal stories on the under layers and then I continue alone as I am immersed in the process through to completion.

So when you next see an abstract painting, spend a minimum of 15 minutes with it and lose yourself in the whole experience, see how you feel and what you see within the painting and within yourself.

I regularly paint abstract commissions to a particular size or colour palette and my work that is currently available can be seen at www.steffisartwork.com



A brilliant initiative called Portraits for NHS Heroes started by Artist Thomas Croft @tomcroftartist is an arts project where artists volunteer to offer to paint a portrait of an NHS worker. This began on April 4, 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak when Tom put an offer on Instagram to paint a free portrait for the first NHS worker to reply to him. However, he received so many requests that he eventually put 500 NHS workers in touch with professional artists who volunteered to paint them. This offer really spoke to artists who wanted to lift the spirits of the key workers and snowballed into a massive project which now spans many countries worldwide and it is planned to have an exhibition of some of the portraits when the pandemic subsides.

I do not consider myself a professional portrait painter but decided to volunteer anyway and put out an announcement via social media where I received 15 nominations. The names went into a hat – literally – and the first name was Jude McBride who had been nominated by a friend. It turned out that she was the perfect choice, being a complete warrior woman working on the frontline who had also had a bout of Covid-19 herself. She has worked for the South Central Ambulance Service for 18 years based in Southampton and The New Forest and is the Paramedic Team Leader, responding as a paramedic and also the on call Operational Commander for this area when on duty to provide a large scale leadership role for challenging incidents and also provide support to the team. She directly manages a team of 25 staff and has a great team. Jude says ‘I love my role and am very proud to work with the people I do, who are all just amazing’.

We chatted on Skype for the first time to get to know each other, initially Jude was not sure about having a portrait of herself hanging in her house, but decided to go with it and sent through some photos of herself for me to work with. I used a combination of 2 or 3 of the photos as I wanted to capture her strength as a woman working on the frontline managing a large team, but also to convey her warm, caring nature. Her portrait, I hope, shows her looking like she had given her all on one of, I am sure, many challenging days.

Fortunately Jude loves her portrait and I really enjoyed painting her and felt I had really got to know a very special lady.



A wonderful initiative how artists and art lovers can help artists called The Artist Support Pledge was created by Mathew Burrows who thought of a way of to help artists sell some paintings or creative pieces during lockdown using social media – in particular Instagram using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists around the world have found themselves without work as galleries have had to close, teaching positions have come to a standstill as schools and colleges shut their doors and with exhibitions and art fairs having to be cancelled, sales have completely disappeared. Artists depend upon many different avenues to be able to sell and show their work and these closures mean that the online virtual world has become even more important as a way of getting work out into the eye of the art lover and collector.

Artists post a photo of a painting for sale for up to 200 £/Euros and when each artist has sold 1000 £/Euros of work, they pledge to buy another artists work – however in many cases artists do not wait to buy another’s work – we buy in advance as this is the way we are !  Artists support artists wherever they can.

Here are a few of my small works available all for under 200 £/Euros. Each painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and safely packed ready for to post.
More detailed information can be found on my website page #artistsupportpledge and I will keep adding new work every week so keep checking or go to my Instagram page.

So if you feel like treating yourself to a small work of art for yourself or as a lifetime gift for someone special, now is a good time to buy small works of art from artists.

‘The Edge of the Table’, mixed media painting on canvas with gold leaf

40 x 40 cms £/Euros 175.00


When the planet stopped to breathe

After a very positive and creative start to the year, around the end of February my work began to change, my colour palette became darker, brushstrokes bolder, paintings were erased and restarted, my refinement lost its way.   As I began to paint over each canvas, organically this collection of abstract work began to slowly emerge, brighter, lifted and with a positive energy from how they began. The text from a novel that had fallen apart created the title for each painting, the words being abstract in isolation leads you to consider the painting in more depth and the deeper meaning behind them.   Painting in the abstract genre can be particularly challenging because to create an abstract painting the creative thought process is challenged the most. This series is based on how I was feeling using colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size and scale to explore that moment when the planet stopped to breathe.  

Some of these works are part of the Artist Support Pledge @artistsupportpledge where paintings are sold for £/Euros 200 or less and can be seen on my Instagram account @steffi_goddard_artist. This is a project to help artists sell their work as exhibitions stop running, galleries close and teaching dries up. Message me for more info of what’s available and prices.

Keep safe, keep healthy, keep breathing.


Abundant Gardens Commissioned Series

Abstract Art series Abundant Gardens
Abundant Gardens Series

At the beginning of the year I was so lucky to have been given a joyous commission to paint a series of 3 canvases, one large and two smaller canvases for a beautiful home in the UK.  After visiting my client I came away with photos and an idea for a bright colour palette – perfect !  The brief was for a wall in a large, bright conservatory and to bring the garden from the outside into the inside space.  Fortunately it was sunny back in my studio in Spain and I was able to imagine the flowers and the bright sky without any problem at all.  These are the three chosen from the series and are now very happy in their forever home.  The large painting in the middle is the ‘Abundant Garden’, the painting to the left is ‘By Night’ and the painting to the right is ‘By Seasons’.



Art and the Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca is one of Spain’s best known poets and now a popular icon.  Born in 1898, he lived the first ten years of his life in Fuente Vaqueros, which is close to Granada in Southern Spain.  He moved to Madrid when he was in his early twenties and  joined a group of avant-garde artists that included Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel.  The group, collectively known as the “Generation of  1927,” introduced Lorca to Surrealism, a movement that would greatly influence his writing and poetry.

Lorca was an active socialist and his controversial political views as well as his generally bohemian attitudes would ultimately cost him his life and during the Spanish Civil War,  Lorca was captured by Franco’s Nationalist Army and executed.   His works, and even his existence, remained a taboo subject in Spain for nearly four decades after his death. However as a result, Lorca has become not only famous for his exemplary poetry, but for his martyrdom at the hands of a fascist dictatorship. His works were suppressed in Spain for many years but have had a monumental influence on the poets and authors of Latin America and the world over and he is often credited with being the first author to introduce Surrealism into literature. His work has a lasting impact on Spanish poetry and Lorca has influenced many of my abstract paintings with his interesting use of words, often written in a surrealist or abstract voice.  Here are two of my abstract paintings complete with Lorca’s words.



The flower of dawn has already opened

(Do you recall the depths of evening?)

The spikenard moon pours down its cold scent.

(Do you remember the gaze of August?)


The Cheating MirrorThe Cheating Mirror

Green branch barren of rhythm and bird.

Echo of a sob with no pain or lips.

Man and Woods.

I shed tears beside the salt sea.

In my pupils are two seas singing.



My Abstract Painting Meets ILU Fitwear Equals Amazing Yoga Clothing Range !


Spring Equinox Spiritual Exploration

I am so proud to have the above painting used for the design on a yoga and fitness clothing range.  The painting was from an abstract collection of work called ‘Spiritual Exploration’ and was originally painted in watercolour on paper.  I had no idea how this would work on a clothing range, but now the range is complete and I am thrilled with the way it looks on this collection.

The collaboration between myself and ILU Fitwear has been an exciting journey to see how artwork can be used in this way and because of the nature of the printing process, each item is different and unique.  It’s like wearing an original piece of art as no two pieces are the same.

Here are some lovely photos of the range, modelled by my daughter Chloe of My Happy Body and photographed by Emma Jacobs Photography. The range can be purchased from either myself directly from Cortijo Las Salinas but if you can’t make it to the cortijo this year then Chloe has some in stock or you can go direct to the ILU Fitwear website.


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