How to be an artist ? or What does an artist do all day ?

I have spent some time this week with some lovely art students and the question they needed an answer to was ‘How can I become an artist’ and ‘what do artists do all day!’ Well the following is the best way I can answer this question.  I have this list pinned up in my studioContinue reading “How to be an artist ? or What does an artist do all day ?”

How to be an Artist !

Stay loose                          Learn to watch snails Plant impossible gardens Invite someone dangerous to tea Make little signs that say ‘yes’ and post them all over your house Make lists, lists and more lists Make friends with freedom and uncertainty Don’t be scared to be you Look forward to your dreams Cry during movies Swing asContinue reading “How to be an Artist !”

Where Does an Artist Find Inspiration ?

Having been a painter all my life, the most difficult thing about creating a painting is finding the inspiration to make an original and inspired work of art.  After all without inspiration an artist has nothing. So as I walk with trepidation the relatively long distance from my kitchen where I make the brown nectarContinue reading “Where Does an Artist Find Inspiration ?”