‘Let Creativity Nourish Your Soul’ 2018

I was so privileged recently to be able to spend a few days with an amazing group who wanted to embrace their creative side, find their inner child and be free !  Ranging from 19 years old to 73 years old, with a few first time painters joining a few who had painted before, weContinue reading “‘Let Creativity Nourish Your Soul’ 2018”

My Abstract Painting Meets ILU Fitwear Equals Amazing Yoga Clothing Range !

My colourful abstract painting has been used as the design for an exciting new yoga clothing range

Yoga and Fitness

Back in June we held a very successful Yoga and Fitness Retreat at Cortijo Las Salinas.  It involved some meditation, daily yoga sessions, hill walking, pilates, fitness sessions and lots of good healthy food and drink.  The next one will be held on 2nd September with more of the same to look forward to …….

The Pizza Oven at Cortijo Las Salinas

Everyone loves pizza – especially when you can create your own with your favourite toppings……. and at Cortijo Las Salinas we make the best ! First make the pizza dough and then start by spreading the sweet tomato passata all over the base, start to load up with sweetcorn, mushrooms, anchovies, cheese, jamon, chillis, moreContinue reading “The Pizza Oven at Cortijo Las Salinas”

A Wedding !! The First Wedding to be held at Cortijo Las Salinas since 1944

On the 8th October 1944 a wedding was held at Cortijo Las Salinas.  This was to be the last wedding held there for 66 years until on the 15th May 2010 our very good friends, Francesca Rajewski and Jerome Duquene were married at the cortijo, starting the tradition over once again. It was the firstContinue reading “A Wedding !! The First Wedding to be held at Cortijo Las Salinas since 1944”