And this is what the shaman said …

She pressed her soles into the soil She raised her arms above her head With two eyes closed, the other opened and this is what the Shaman said ‘Brothers, sisters, take my hand, feel the pulse beneath the land Sisters rise to your tired feet  Brothers shoulders sunken in defeat from tireless work, worry andContinue reading “And this is what the shaman said …”

Pintura Rapida – Speed Painting

  During the Summer months in Spain, a regular event is held in various towns throughout the country where artists are invited to participate in a competition called ‘Pintura Rapida’ or ‘Speed Painting’. This event is open to professional and amateur artists where they are to paint, in a given amount of time, either theContinue reading “Pintura Rapida – Speed Painting”

Goddess Art

I have just recently said ‘adios’ to my two very special friends who spent a week with me at Cortijo Las Salinas painting goddesses.  It was such an amazing week as we meditated, danced the Five Rhythms, laughed, created body maps and cried, did some creative writing, Haiku, told stories and painted life sized goddesses.  AsContinue reading “Goddess Art”

A Planking variation – Purvottanasana

Try this as an alternative, or in addition to, your daily plank – the Upward Plank Pose. Begin by sitting with your legs out straight, place your hands behind your back and press your palms down against the floor with your fingertips towards you.  Lift your pelvis and straighten your legs whilst driving your toesContinue reading “A Planking variation – Purvottanasana”