Our invisible residents ……

Two years ago, Jodie lost her sunglasses.  It was a complete mystery as she had been wearing her new Ray Bans with pride and they suited her very well, so the day they went missing we spent a long time trying to find them. There are many hiding places at Cortijo Las Salinas, the cortijoContinue reading “Our invisible residents ……”

Being 50 – Presents At Last

The atmosphere in the house on Sunday morning was almost electric.  I entered the kitchen and was handed the essential cup of coffee, however a glass of champagne soon followed accompanied by lots of excited looks from everyone as I was then given clues. The answer to the first clue led me to my wardrobe. Continue reading “Being 50 – Presents At Last”

Being 50 – Still NO presents !!

It was a sight to be seen.  Candles were alight everywhere and I soon forgot my ski fatigue as I was led into our dining room – at last for my birthday surprise.  I had been told to put on my party dress, was handed a glass of champagne and I walked the candle litContinue reading “Being 50 – Still NO presents !!”

Being 50 – on the ski slopes

If you have ever taken a pilates class you will understand how I felt the next morning.  I ached from head to foot and in other places too, and today we were going skiing.  Jamie, Bianca and I set of for the slopes whilst Woody and Chloe stayed at home to babysit Teegan. It wasContinue reading “Being 50 – on the ski slopes”

Being 50 – Friday – The events that followed…. still no presents ……

Jamie, Chloe, Bianca and Teegan arrived in the evening.  We hugged and kissed, opened some champagne, talked about lots of stuff – but there were no presents!  I thought to myself that we would probably do the present thing the next day – it was getting late afterall, we all went to bed smiling andContinue reading “Being 50 – Friday – The events that followed…. still no presents ……”