Artist and Wellness Warrior !

Hi I am Steffi, I am an artist, a mother, a grandmother and a wellness warrior!

I live in a wonderful cortijo in Spain, in the middle of the olive groves where I have an amazing art studio and yoga shala.   I like to connect with my art studio every day to either create art, to observe and sketch the nature that surrounds me or to meditate.  I am a colourist, and see the world in bright vivid colours and allow the colours and shapes of nature to speak to me. Colours are like words to me.  I am also a healer, art is a therapy and can be used to heal a troubled mind or soul.  I am a qualified Reiki healer and yoga teacher and my dream to open a retreat in Spain was realised a few years ago where I now combine my gift for healing through art, Reiki and yoga in a nurturing environment by hosting and co hosting wellness retreats.  I work with other professionals and use the synergy that exists between art and healing to help realign the mind and body in the same way it has done for me.  I believe by getting in touch with our mind, body and spirit and connecting with nature we are on the path to self healing and ultimately a becoming wellness warrior !


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Just blogging about art, yoga and Spain

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