But What Do You Paint ?

When I meet someone new and they ask me ‘What ‘I do?’, I always reply ‘I’m a painter’. The response is always the same…’But what do you paint?’

This is so hard to define or explain because I love to paint everything and my abstracts or my work with a more visual narrative can be really hard to put into words.

Some artists are defined by a specific colour palette – I love all colours, every colour is like a word to me as colour can evoke a feeling, emotion or experience. Some artists are defined by their subject matter, but I love all subjects be a landscape, seascape, floral, face, figurative.

Every time I stand in front of that new blank canvas it is like a journey of curiosity and exploration lies ahead of me. The random beginning is exciting as the background layers are applied, the middle part is always a big challenge as I have to make many artistic decisions to make the painting work as a whole and until I manage to resolve the piece, then the end becomes a little sad as the final but very satisfying brushstroke is added, followed by a little wave of cheer. However by then I am already thinking about the next painting that has formulated in my mind as my last painting always prepares me in some way for the next.

Fiesta Forever!

Recently an interested art lover who paid a visit to my studio was slightly overwhelmed with the choice presented, and so we discussed a commissioned painting to work with the space, colour palette and subject matter, the only condition that I paint in my own unique layered semi disrupted style – so here I go !

Ready to paint !

My website steffisartwork.com has a selection of work currently available along with my Studio Sale Shop where I regularly add new works. Even you are not looking for a painting right now, maybe a 10 minute break with a cuppa having a look at some art might be a great antidote for such unsettling times.

Stay safe and I always love to hear your comments.

‘Colours are like words to me’


Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces, women and the female form and anything that inspires me

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