‘Nature doesn’t need words to express itself’

Spring Full Worm Moon

At last, Spring has finally arrived here in Spain along with the birds, butterflies, almond blossom and wild orchids!  

After a few months of hibernation, we can shake off our cocoons and listen to the orchestra of nature, observe new growth all around us and feel ready to grow ourselves.  The spectacularly bright March Full Worm Moon was the subject of my latest Moon Goddess painting and being the first full Moon to occur after the Spring Equinox on 20 March, it is called the ‘Paschal Full Moon’ and this determines the date of Easter.  

Each full Moon throughout the year has its own name and the March full Moon is known as the Worm Moon which refers to the earthworms appearing as the soil warms in Springtime wriggling to the surface to provide food for the birds who have also begun the very busy months of nest building and creating environments for their offspring.
I used all this information to inspire my Worm Moon Goddess, she is filled with the love of Mother Nature and is complete with her own poem written by me. She is part of my Warrior Women series and is titled ‘I AM … A Miracle.  She measures 75 x 95 cms and is painted on canvas using various media including natural butterfly wings found whilst out on my nature walks.  She is priced at £/Euros 750, unframed.  Hand finished limited edition impressions are also available for £/Euros 75. 

I AM … A Miracle

Worms wriggle, composting the soil and determined to rise
Blindly trying to find their prize
A symphony of sounds echo, transformation the tune
The orchestra of nature performs to the March Spring Full Moon
The conductor revered as cocoons are rejected
Wake up, be ready, it’s time to grow, be celebrated
Skins of the past are shed like a snake
Inevitable growth, no longer opaque
A miracle performed, nature is truth
Take that leap now, transform like a butterfly searching for eternal youth
Your scars can come too, they may be your best attire
You are a miracle, complete and ready to inspire

Steffi Goddard, 2021

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces, women and the female form and anything that inspires me

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