‘Escape Into Abstraction’ My New Virtual Gallery Exhibition

Not being able to show my work for the past 18 months has been very disappointing, after all what’s the point of having a studio full of paintings if there is no way of exhibiting them or having people see them. The world now is more virtual than ever and trying to keep up with all things online is both exciting and exhausting.

However (drum roll please….) I am so excited to show you my first online art exhibition – a collection of 14 abstract paintings created during lockdown.

I would like you to experience this as if you were visiting an art gallery but from your sofa with a glass of wine or Cava. To begin – click the link below and hover over the arrow which says ‘start the guided tour’ and the tour will begin – then sit back and meander through the exhibition. As you automatically stop at each painting a voice over (me !) will explain the painting to you and then it will move on to the next painting. This is a slow experience, not to be rushed so maybe two glasses of wine will be needed! If you want more information about a painting, double click on the actual painting for dimensions and price which include delivery and message me if interested on steffi@steffisartwork.com

I hope you enjoy having a look around my first online exhibition and please let me have any feedback. I plan to create more, so any suggestions would be very useful.

Thank you for taking the time to visit ‘Escape Into Abstraction 2021’


Created by http://www.heatwavewebdesign.com

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces, women and the female form and anything that inspires me

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