3 yoga poses to see off a ‘bad mood’

There are so many postures in yoga that help with depression and mood.  Connecting with the body is an awesome way to find presence, and can help you see a way forward and out of any dark space you may find yourself in, and for whatever reason.

I find that certain poses in particular have a unique energy and mood shifting properties,  my favourites being:

1. Camel pose

Backbends are heart opening and energizing. They are great if you are drowsy at work or are having a hard time waking up in the morning.  Camel, Bridge, and Wheel are all great backbends, but I find Camel to be simultaneously grounding and stabilizing, as well as a huge emotional and energetic release.

The Camel
The Camel

2. Pigeon pose

Spending a solid two minutes in Pigeon or King Pigeon on each the right and the left side, breathing with conscious awareness the whole time, is a great way to move stuck energy and relieve tension.

King Pigeon
King Pigeon

3.  The Bow

The Bow is a wonderful pose that helps boost energy and keep your metabolism burning strong.  Bow also opens up and stretches the front of your body while strengthening your back muscles. Great for a mid afternoon pep-up when energy starts to disappear and you are thinking about a chocolate bar!

The Bow
The Bow

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