Our invisible residents ……

Two years ago, Jodie lost her sunglasses.  It was a complete mystery as she had been wearing her new Ray Bans with pride and they suited her very well, so the day they went missing we spent a long time trying to find them.

There are many hiding places at Cortijo Las Salinas, the cortijo is full of nooks and crannies, so we did the traditional procedure of ‘tracing your steps’ and ‘where did you last remember wearing them?’  to no avail.  Needless to say she was very upset and went back to the UK without them.

Things often go missing here and, of course, we always blame each other for moving things or putting things away unnecessarily, however it is not usually that simple, for neither of us are actually that tidy so sub consciously I always blame our invisible residents.  It is at times like this that I am reminded of the early legend that Fina relayed to me about the cold night back in 1875 when the clay pot in which her great grandmother was making the soup for the family was not on the table where she had left it when she returned from answering an urgent knock at the door, when no one was there, only mist.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had a group of French people spending a holiday in the cortijo and the day before they were due to leave Magali came to us with a pair of sunglasses she had found.  She had been exploring in the olive groves which are up behind the house and she discovered a black glasses case complete with sunglasses and receipt.  We immediately recognised them as Jodie’s glasses however something was not quite right about the scenario.  To find anything in the olive groves is a near miracle as the farmers weed, water, prune, havest, continually throughout the year, but to find something in tact, completely perfect and totally clean was quite a mystery.  These glasses had survived a whole season in the olive groves, through all weathers and farming without a single mark or scratch on them.  The case alone should have been filthy with dust and soil, but no, nothing, not a mark anywhere, they appeared to be just as they were when purchased in the shop.

So, another strange and unexplainable happening at Cortijo Las Salinas, invisible residents?  Your guess is as good as mine !

The Olive Groves behind Cortijo Las Salinas
The Olive Groves behind Cortijo Las Salinas

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