Wild Orchids – A Spanish Secret – The illusive ‘Lizard’ has been discovered …..

Up until yesterday we had discovered nine species of orchid, however the most illusive, the Lizard Orchid, was still  to be found.  Today, during a trip into the mountains, we can add two more orchids to the list – one of them being the ‘Lizard’.  Not seen at its best as this giant Lizard orchid was just going over, however I now know where to find them next year – and in abundance.  The secret, to go a bit higher, maybe around 1000 meters above sea level.  A very small delicate pink orchid can also be added to the list, which I have discovered is called the Pyramid Orchid.  There is still an orchid which remains unidentified, so if anyone knows the name of the last ones in this album, please feel free to enlighten me.

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Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces and anything that inspires me including poetry, nature, oceans and the female face and form

9 thoughts on “Wild Orchids – A Spanish Secret – The illusive ‘Lizard’ has been discovered …..

  1. Dear Steffi,
    Love your blog, such beautiful flowers, I too am a huge wild orchid fan. I can´t seem to find the Lizard Orchid anywhere ( i live in Fuengirola btw ) could you possibly give me directions as to how to find the specimens you found ? Thank you, Mark


    1. Hi Mark, We live close to Sabariego which is inland, at least 2 hours from Fuengirola, and have many species around here. I have actually found a new species this year which was very exciting. I know there are also many to be found around the Malaga area which may be closer for you. Regards, Steffi


      1. HI Steffi, thanks for getting back to me. Two hours drive for me would not be a problem, I did similar when I went on the Jimera De Libar orchid walk last month which was about two hours away. Unfortunately I cannot find any Lizard Orchids nearer to me (many others but not that type), nor can I get any info any locations from anyone (and I speak Spanish lol ! ) I desperately need exact locations or directions so I can find some specimens ! Mark x


  2. HI again, I have identified your unidentified orchid for you. It is called Anacamptis Collina and is local to here, Portugal and North Africa, it has many subspecies too. Hope that helps. Unfortunately it does not have an English name.


    1. Hi Mark, the location for the lizard orchid is called Los Chopos, and I have also seen some near to Alcaudete. Happy to show you where as the location is very difficult to explain 😀


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