Being 50 – Presents At Last

The atmosphere in the house on Sunday morning was almost electric.  I entered the kitchen and was handed the essential cup of coffee, however a glass of champagne soon followed accompanied by lots of excited looks from everyone as I was then given clues. The answer to the first clue led me to my wardrobe.  I opened the doors and inside were three presents – yippeeee – at last – presents.  I ripped the packages open to find a lovely dress and two pairs of shoes, Chloe told me to put them on – s0 I did, with everything fitting perfectly. From then on I was guided by clues to over 50 presents hidden around the house.  How exciting – it was like being a child again.

Now I know why Chloe arrived with such a huge suitcase – it was full of the presents she had been given from  my friends and family back in the UK.    With my head giddy from the bubbles and my body alive from the excitement of the day, I didn’t know it, but another surprise was about to happen.

We made our way down into the cocinon where the log fire was roaring away nicely, and where even more presents had been hidden waiting for me to find.  So armed with more champagne and more clues I set off to find them.  It was such fun !

Not long after my last present had been found, opened and savoured, I sat down in a chair, Woody topped up my champagne and with the blink of an eye the room had filled up with all my friends.  This had to be be the years best kept secret as Fran and Jerome, the Spanish 7 and neighbours poured in.   After the squeals of excitement had subsided, I was led into my studio where even MORE PRESENTS had been hidden.  Blindfolded and spun, then disorientated and champagne giddy, I had to find them!  Which I did – of course!

Whilst all this had been going on, Woody had been very quiet.   The reason – he had been very busy in the kitchen, preparing amazing food for us all to eat.

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It was a fantastic day, in fact a fantastic 4 days.  It was not so bad ‘Being 50’ afterall.

Thanks to everyone who made it so special XXX

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces, women and the female form and anything that inspires me

2 thoughts on “Being 50 – Presents At Last

  1. ummm, what about pass the parcel…then champagne pass the parcel,,,,then vodka shots pass the parcel? Actually, I can understand you forgetting that :-p


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