Being 50 – Friday – The events that followed…. still no presents ……

Jamie, Chloe, Bianca and Teegan arrived in the evening.  We hugged and kissed, opened some champagne, talked about lots of stuff – but there were no presents!  I thought to myself that we would probably do the present thing the next day – it was getting late afterall, we all went to bed smiling and happy.

Friday morning Chloe was up early doing ‘stuff’ and announced to Bianca and I that we were going to do Pilates.  Great, so we put our fitness gear on and headed out into the sunshine.  She worked us hard and after an hour of pushing, pulling, stretching and sweating, we took off for a long campo walk.

Still no presents !

When we got back, after about 2 hours, more excitment, Tiggy was happy to see us and we had more champagne.

But still no presents !

After showers we then had a ‘bake-in’.  This involves lots of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate things, cherries, coconut and other stuff for making yummy cakes.  We also made my favourite vodka-jellies and, of course, drunk some more champagne.

But still no pressies or mention of them!  Do they not love me, I thought !!

The day time turned into the evening and we drunk more champagne, ate lovely food, played some games and went to bed.  Something was definitely going on as there had been lots of whispering and disappearing.  Still I had a nice day to look forward to on Saturday, Chloe and Steve had kindly offered to babysit whilst Jamie, Bianca and I took off to the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.  Still no presents tho !!  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….

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Maybe I will have some presents tomorrow, there has to be something good about Being 50 !

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Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces, women and the female form and anything that inspires me

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