Being 50

My body has begun to take a turn for the worse

Wrinkles have started to appear

White lines fight with the blonde (!) of my hair

And yet my mind remains perfectly clear.


As my mind travels back over the landscape of my life

And I consider its future direction

There are so many special people I hold within,

There is no need for careful reflection.


I look to the future with a positive glow

As I realise I am truly blessed.

Surrounded by all the people I love.

All I can ask is –  ‘what next?’

It all started with a phone call from my brother first thing on February 3rd 2011 – my 50th birthday.  He set me the challenge to swim in the freezing cold water of our pool which is not usually open this time of year, due to the temperature.  Now always one for a challenge I thought about it and as the sun shone, hopefully, I thought the temperature of the water might have increased a degree or two and decided to take the plunge ……………

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It was freezing, but invigorating. I quickly jumped into a warm bath and wondered what might happen next.  My 50th birthday celebrations had been a big secret and with Jamie, Chloe, Bianca and Teegan all arriving later, a big smile and a tingle ran through my body as I decadently sipped my champagne in the bath.

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces and anything that inspires me including poetry, nature, oceans and the female face and form

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