Without this mushroom. . . .

Without this mushroom
Without this mushroom . . .

I found these mushrooms growing outside my studio.

As I pulled  one from the ground to take a  closer look, the deep brown pigment sang to me as it floated into the air and disappeared.  As I watched the spores float away I knew I wanted to capture them forever.

I noticed the sienna powder was rich and as I applied it to my blank canvas a series of work unfolded using the mushroom pigment as the main media combined with oil paint, glazes and gold.

With gold and glazes
Mushroom pigment with gold and glazes
A single burst of pigment
A single burst of mushroom spore pigment

A quote came to me …..

‘Without inspiration an artist is nothing . . .Without this mushroom I am nothing . . . Without this mushroom, these would never exist.’

Magic Mushroom Moments 8
Magic Mushroom Moments 8

If you like these new paintings, please go to:


to see the complete collection so far.

Published by Steffi Goddard Artist

Contemporary artist, painter of large exciting abstract paintings, contemporary faces and anything that inspires me including poetry, nature, oceans and the female face and form

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